7, Jun 2020
Good News For the Bradenton Real Estate Market

Anyone who knows the real estate market knows that Bradenton, Florida was one of the hardest hit areas when the housing bubble burst. Houses that were selling for $500,000 in 2006 are lucky to get $300,000 in 2009. Fortunately, there has been some recent good news for the Bradenton real estate market. According to the […]

7, Jun 2020
How to Start an Internet Business Yourself

We have all heard and read about the overnight millionaires who made their fortunes on the internet when it first started up. Things are a little different now but fortunes can and are still being made. So what can you do that will start to earn money online for you? The first thing to realize […]

7, Jun 2020
Purchasing A Business: Change The Persona

Many business owners purchase a business to bring in additional income, to allow them to be their own boss, to take control of their destiny, and to invest in their future. However, one big issue that many business owners don’t realize is that when they purchase a business they are also purchasing the history of […]

7, Jun 2020
How One DC Business is Growing Their Top Line in Today’s Economy

As debates continue about whether we are nearing the end of our recession woes or still in the middle of the fallout, one DC retailer has positioned itself for growth that can weather the economic climate either way. Like many other small businesses, furniture retailer and design firm Vastu has been faced with the challenge […]

7, Jun 2020
Blogs News

Blogs get the job done. I love the fact that the internet has granted the world the ability to become a viewed and read author with little effort. The internet is scaffolding for you to build your blog upon and promote your particular worldview that adds the collective knowledge that is being generated and propagated […]

7, Jun 2020
Using the Recession As a Business Opportunity

With all the doom and gloom around about businesses, it might seem strange to say that the recession could present a business opportunity, but it is true. The down-time which may be provided by the recession will give you a chance to think about your business’s future carefully and to investigate new sectors. Some companies […]

10, Apr 2020
5 Ways To Increase Security Within Your Business

There are a certain number of decisions you can make that can help you to ensure the success of your business, but if it is not secure, you, your staff and your clients may be vulnerable. It is important to consider some of the many things that can be done to help protect you and […]

3, Jun 2018
Credit Card Debt Help For Small Businesses – How to Locate Legitimate Small Business Debt Relief

The universal reduction has affected the stock, stock market, bank system, economic associations as well as the business owners. It is a comprehensive worldwide calamity and comes along demoralizing effects. Great business houses and financial institutions looked forward towards the government to offer them relief via economic bail out packages. Throughout such grave monetary crisis, […]

3, Jun 2018
Real Estate Trends- The Pros and Cons of Jumping into the Housing Market

It is still the American dream to have our own little chunk of land. It is estimated that more than 70 million Americans own their own home. With the growing interest in real estate, it is becoming easier than ever to be approved for a loan and move into your dream house. However, real estate […]

2, Jun 2018
Achieving Market Sustainability

The economic news the day after Thanksgiving is just as somber as the news was the day before the holiday. While the financial markets seesaw with every statement our political leaders make, the real estate market continues to suffer regardless of who is speaking. Real estate has three distinct challenges to overcome before equilibrium returns […]