20, Oct 2023
Crafting Impactful Connections: Effective Content Marketing Strategies for Today’s Audience

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, creating content that resonates with today’s audience is paramount. As consumer behaviors evolve, so must content marketing strategies to stay relevant and impactful. In this article, we’ll delve into effective content marketing strategies that can elevate your brand’s presence and engage your audience in a meaningful way. Understanding […]

27, Jun 2023
Paying For Home Health Care – What Do Medicare and Medigap Cover?

Prescribed only by a physician, home health care is skilled nursing care that aids in the recovery from illness, injury, or surgery in the patient’s home. And fortunately for many seniors who are now opting for care at home, Medicare insurance covers most costs related to home health care. The government, however, has set some […]

18, Aug 2020
What’s Stopping You Starting A Business? Inspiration For Working Mums

Despite the fact that the vast majority of the female population are desperate to work for themselves, less than 5% every year actually take steps to start their own business. Research undertaken by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) in 2011 showed that over 50% of women considered starting a business a good career choice and […]

7, Jun 2020
Move Your Business Forward With 3 Simple Steps

1. Your Dream Kids always have dreams. Then something weird happens as you get older and get into the job world. You tend to get realistic. You start justifying why you really don’t want your dreams. Have you found yourself saying things like, If I have a huge house, I would just have to spend […]

7, Jun 2020
Immigration Issues, Economic Issues and What Was News in 1999

The United States of America’s government and the American populace seems to have a very short memory. We often repeat the mistakes we’ve made not less than a decade ago in our civilization. But, why do we do this? It seems rather odd and highly unfortunate that the greatest nation in the history of mankind; […]

7, Jun 2020
When is the Best Time For Business Owners to Buy Commercial Real Estate?

It is 2009 and vacancy rates are on the rise as well as unemployment. Why would a business owner consider building ownership and put their company in debt with a large commercial real estate loan? A lot of industry experts are looking at the commercial real estate market as being very depressed. But I believe […]

7, Jun 2020
A Generalisation of Buying and Running a Franchise Business

Proven fact. It’s believed that a franchise business has a much greater chance of surviving the first 3 years of business compared to one that starts from scratch. Given you decide to start a business this year, you can either become a franchisee or you can go the hard way and start your business from […]

7, Jun 2020
How Do I Start an Online Business? Find Out How to Make Money From Creating a Website

Working on your own online business from home is an incredibly attractive idea, not least because of the freedom and flexibility that comes with working for yourself.  Many people make a good living by only spending a few hours a week on their websites. While the desire to set up a successful online business may be […]

7, Jun 2020
As Seen on TV Fever in a Supposedly Responsible News Market – Part II of II

(Continuation, Part I of II) My immediate folks argue “but why the TV stations would ever condone such practices?” and I usually throw “because of the unspoken ethic shift in their programming” TV programs used to be the gateway in the community where they operate, allowing services and businesses to interact and collaborate. Cases of […]

7, Jun 2020
5 Tips For Starting a Web Based Business

Starting a web based business can be pretty simple with little investment if you do it the right way. Or, it can be an enormous task and budget-busting if you head down the wrong path. Here are some tips that will aide you in making the best decisions for your start-up. Don’t get in a […]